• Fuser Raffaele

  • engineer

    • CIVIL STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING DEGREE, graduated on 15th Dec, 1993 at Padova University. Subject and title of graduation thesis: Structures dynamics (Prof. L. Briseghella, Eng. G. Zavarise): "Modelling of an earthquake-proof sickle restraint”
    • Professional examination: professional qualification and admission to the Engineers Register of Treviso, no. A1756 dated 25th Sept, 1995.
    • Entered on the list of regional technical inspectors on 15th Mar, 2010 al n. 1572, in the following categories: 1-building works, 3-road and mobility works
    • He possesses the professional qualification for Safety Coordination according to art. no. 98 D.Lgs 81/2008;
    • He possesse the professional qualification for Fire Prevention according to Italian Law 07/12/1984 818, registration no. TV 01756 I 00509 on Jul, 21st 2008.


    Professional activity


    Professional experiences gained during three years time (Feb. 1995- April 1998) for a design studio in Conegliano (TV).

    Since 1998, he is practising the profession operating within TRE ERRE INGEGNERIA SRL, being both Technical and Sole Director, taking care of any technical and administrative detail, as well as of any kind of project, Management of Operations and so on.