• Scotta Roberto

  • engineer

    • CIVIL STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING DEGREE, graduated on 19th February 1992, at Padova University, score 110/110 with distinction and with special mention of the board of examiners; 
    • In 1998 he received the title of Structure Mechanics  Research Doctor, debating the thesis “Mechanical analysis of concrete structures by damage models”;
    • 1998/1999 he carried out research activity postgraduate in the Disciplinary Area no 9 – Civil Engineering and Architecture – research title “Non-linear forming models development, based on the mechanics of damage, for the study of reinforced concrete structures in seismic field”;
    • from 1993 until 2001, he carried out the activity of didactical assistance at the Department of Building and Transport of Padova University and at the Department of Architectural Building of I.U.A.V. in Venezia, cooperating for the development of Building Technique courses.
    • from academic year 2003/2004 to college year 2005/2006 he was Tenured Visiting Professor of the Prefab Structure  Course at Padova University College of Engineering;
    • since 1st  February 2006 he is University Researcher at the Department of Building and Transports, at Padova University College of Engineering, for S.S.C.ICAR 09 Building Technique and also Tenured Professor of  Structures Projects II° course;
    • from academic year 2006/2007 to college year 2007/2008 he was full tenured professor of Structures Projects II, CFU 6; 2nd year of the Civil Engineering three-year degree course, at Padova University College of Engineering;
    • since academic year 2008/2009 he is full tenured professor of “Constructions Technique 1”, CFU 12; 3rd year of the Civil Engineering three-year degree course, at Padova University;
    • since academic year 2012/2013 he is tenured professor of “Precast & Timber Structures” Technique, CFU 9, 2nd year of the Civil Engineering three-year degree course, at Padova University;
    • since 1993 he has been admitted to the Engineers Register of Treviso, no.  A1570;
    • from 1993 to 2006, and from 2010 up to date, he practises the profession (since 2014 exclusively as associate) in the fields of architectural and structural project and Management of Operations of building works of any kind. Professional office in Preganziol (Treviso), Via Terraglio no 10, phone no. 0422 383282 – fax no. 0422 492702;
    • Entered on the list of regional technical inspectors on Dec, 13th 2011 al n. 1647, in the following categories: 1-building works.
    • He possesses the professional qualification for Safety Coordination according to art. no. 98 D.Lgs 81/2008;
    • He possesses qualification and registration for Fire Prevention according to Italian Law 07/12/1984 818 n. TV 01570 I 00585 since 2011.

    Educational activity

    • He is a member of the Teaching Body of the “School PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering” based at IMAGE Department of Padova University.
    • From 1996 to 2006 he was assistant supervisor of about 50 thesis at the Construction and Transportation Department of Engineering of Padova University, related to topics of numerical calculation and civil engineering.
    • Since 2006 up to date he has been tutor of more than 50 graduate thesis of Civil Engineering and of 5 doctoral thesis in the field of Civil Engineering.

    Professional and consulting activity

    • From July 1992 to December 1993, he had a long-term professional cooperation relationship with “Studio Tre Ingegneri Associati” in Treviso, during which he performed projects, works direction and construction sites costing for several projects of residential building, town planning, roads, sewerages, and cemetery and so on, particularly in public works.
    • From 1993 until 1998, he practised the profession individually, projecting and directing minor works as well as several professional assignments in the field of public and private constructions.
    • Since 1998 he has been operating in TRE ERRE INGEGNERIA SRL, taking care of any technical detail, projecting, Works Supervision and so on.

    He cooperated for the realization of many speciality seminars, being also lecturer, in the fields of durability and structural restoration and building designing and structural verification with the boundary status method. He mainly performed his teaching activity as lecturer at courses of Padova University College of Engineering and Venezia Architecture University; finally, the research activity, beginning from the degree thesis and mostly developed at the Constructions and Transport Department of Padova University, brought to completion of a large number of scientific publications on international and national magazines and congresses. He cooperated at the issuing of a teaching book related to the reinforced concrete structures designing at boundary status.