• Vitaliani Renato

  • engineer

    • CIVIL ENGINEER DEGREE, TRANSPORT SECTION, graduated on July 1971 at Padova University, score 110/110 with distinction;
    • Professor of Constructions Technique at Padova University College of Engineering;
    • Professional admission to the Padova Engineers Register, no.  768, dated 10th November 1972.
    • He possesses the professional qualification according to art. no. 98 D.Lgs 81/2008 (Coordinator for safety and health matters);
    • He has been admitted to the regional list of Test Technicians since 1992; admission no. 797.
    • Entered on the list of the qualified professionals with regards to d.m. 25.03.1985 – Law 818/84 (fire Prevention).


    Other qualifications and assignments:

    • Current holder of the courses of “Construction Technique 2” and “Structures Design” for the Engineering Master Degree at Padova University; he was holder, since 1977, for the same University of following courses: “Special reinforced concrete structures”, “Structure Automatic Calculation”, “Bridges Construction” “Prefab Structures”, “Construction Technique 2”, “Construction Technique” and also, for University Institute of Architecture of Venice, of the course named “Consolidation and Adaptation of Buildings”;
    • President of the “Council of Study Courses” (CCS) of Civil Engineering since 2003;
    • Vice-Rector on questions of building structures;
    • Member of Board of Directors of APS (Padova), ACE GAS APS (Trieste) – from 2000 to 2004;
    • From 2001 to 2004 he has been President of Scientific Commission of Padova University Area 09;
    • He coordinates the Building Commission of Padova University College of Engineering;
    • He is member of the Teaching Body of the School of PhD in civil engineering sciences of Padova University, and of PhD in Structural Mechanics  for the associated Universities of Bologna, Padova, Ancona and Parma;
    • He is member of UNI group “Design aspects for durability of reinforced concrete and pre-stressed reinforced concrete structures”
    • He coordinates various refresher courses related to structural disrepair and restoration and to boundary status method, according to the new Italian and European regulations and to the new seismic rules;
    • Supervisor of several seminars, invited to relate about finite elements method, monumental works restoration, about disrepair and about guide lines for the evaluation and reduction of seismic risk of the cultural heritage;
    • Member of the Experts Commission appointed by the Water Authority of Venice, as evaluator of the structural aspects of the tides mobile control system for the safeguarding of Venice and its lagoon;
    • Member of the Interagency Commission, as expert appointed by the Assessor at the Environment of Veneto Region, for decision support of maintenance activities of the delta lagoons and of Caorle.
    • Member of the tender commission "Private selection procedure for the awarding of the final design and construction work of the Towers called Tca (Arch. Arata Isozaki) and Tcb (Arch. Zaha Hadid)”, foreseen in the redevelopment project of Milan former Exhibition area designed by Arch. Arata Isozaki on 2011 – assignment by City Life S.r.l

    Scientific Activity

    The scientific activity that Professor Vitaliani developed is documented by five monographs, among them 4 teaching books and over 150 works printed on national as well as international scientific magazines and on congresses records. The four course-books deal with the results of researches Professor Vitaliani carried out regarding the most recent theories and applications of structures automatic calculation and the calculation of boundary status for reinforced concrete structures.