• Location:
    Mount Nebo – Jordan
  • Owner:
    Custody of the Holy Land
  • Customer:
    Custody of the Holy Land
  • Developing period:
    2012 - 2014
  • Works budget:
    € 1.745.276,79
  • Performance status:
  • Performed activity:
    structural, architectural and MEP planning, Works Supervision
  • Works:
  • Assignment commissioned to:
    Eng. Scotta Roberto for Tre Erre Ingegneria S.r.l. in cooperation with Arch. Sandro Pittini for T14 Associati (Architectural) and Eng. Renato Zanatta for ACT Progetti S.r.l. (MEP)

The structure of the Basilica consists of a metal frame that rises from the ruins of the church, first built in the mid of IV century as a commemoration of the place where Moses died.

The structure is based on micro piles built inside the historical walls, and it consists of pillars and reticular truss cover. Insulation is granted by double sandwich metal panels. The structure is externally coated with ventilated stone slabs façade while the inside coating is made of bleached wooden slats.

Tricora cover structure consists of laminated wood beams while the coverage plan of the Basilica is made of sandwich wood panels and it’s waterproofed by zinc-titanium folded seam. The central nave has a flat ceiling made of bleached wooden slats; the technical room for lighting and air conditioning plants is placed above the ceiling.

Inside the Basilica courses are provided for tourists by suspended gangways above the floor. On the walls are the ancient mosaics extracted from the historical floor inside the Basilica and several archaeological finds.

Sacristy was rebuilt on the south-east side of the Basilica and it’s meant to be a service room for the liturgical functions inside the Basilica. All check switchboards for plans of the whole Basilica are inside the sacristy

The project also developed the accessibility system and the gangways of the archaeological area, in order to keep separate tourist spaces from technical spaces. The surrounding area and the basilica itself will be equipped with video surveillance system. The Basilica will also be provided with installation of fire detection and fire control, lightning protection and internal acoustics distribution system.

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