• Location:
    Gaiarine (Treviso) – Italy
  • Owner:
    Acquavite Srl di Visnà di Vazzola (TV)
  • Customer:
    Mastergroup Srl di Conegliano (TV)
  • Developing period:
  • Works budget:
    € 1.050.000,00
  • Performance status:
  • Performed activity:
    Preliminary, final and executive structural planning
  • Works:
  • Assignment commissioned to:
    Eng. Raffaele Fuser for Tre Erre Ingegneria Srl

The renovation and enlargement project consists of several building blocks, forming the heart of the grapes processing of the well-known distillation company Bonaventura Maschio.

We started the renovation planning, taking into the due consideration the original features of this complex, namely its non-homogeneous type of buildings and the global state of neglect of part of them; the aim of both designers and customer was the company brand repositioning thanks to qualified perspective, technological and structural choices, rendering a functional layout between the different blocks (offices-processing laboratories) for a better use of the available areas. Last but not least, we had to provide the renovation, without stopping the distillery production processes.

We didn’t simply come to a renovation of the existing buildings and rooms, but to a global modernization, re-launching the company towards this expanding market, in which Bonaventura Maschio is successfully placed, by advancing both culture and quality of Italian distillation around the world.