• Location:
    Mestre (Venezia) – Italy
  • Owner:
    Antica Scuola dei Battuti di Mestre-Venezia
  • Customer:
    Antica Scuola dei Battuti di Mestre-Venezia
  • Developing period:
  • Works budget:
    € 1.840.000,00
  • Performance status:
  • Performed activity:
    Static design and Works Direction
  • Works:
  • Assignment commissioned to:
    Eng. Renato Vitaliani - Design Cooperation of Eng. Roberto Scotta and Eng. Raffaele Fuser (delegated of the Structural Works Direction and Accounting)

The building of the Rest House “Antica Scuola dei Battuti” is located in Mestre, in the area between Via Antonio da Verrazzano, Via Spalti and Via Filiasi and was carried out with the architectural involvement of Eng. Franceschin Pietro from Mestre (Venice).

The building circular crown shaped plant, with its 16,50 m inside radius and 32,25 m external radius, is developed on 6 levels, its maximum high is about 28 meters plus underground floor.

The elevation bearing structures are in reinforced concrete and the underground floor is based on drilled piles.

The connection of the various horizontal floors is granted by the body called “Octagonal stairs Tower”, positioned at the end of one of the circular wings.

The building facade was realized with exposed bricks structure, without static functions.