• Location:
    Castagneto Carducci (LI)
  • Owner:
    Frassino Srl di Firenze
  • Customer:
    Frassino Srl di Firenze
  • Developing period:
  • Works budget:
    € 4.297.538,08
  • Performance status:
  • Performed activity:
    Structural working plan, feasibility study, design and execution coordination, architectural and structural design, works supervision and assistance to the whole work testing.
  • Works:
  • Assignment commissioned to:
    Eng. Raffaele Fuser for Tre Erre Ingegneria Srl

Villa “La Banditaccia” is located inside a WWF naturalistic protected area: it is a coastal plain landscape, which was reclaimed during the twenties in order to be suitable for arable purposes.

The building is composed of several bodies realized during the fifties, as shown by the different constructing typologies, the various used materials and the roofing shapes.

The restoration and the conservative reconditioning  of Villa “la Banditaccia” consist of structural and architectonic renovation and of technological adaptation, as well as of the realization of an interior lift.

Structural operations required the seismic adaptation of roofs and of last floor and the walls reconditioning.

The various buildings and the inside courtyard form a harmonic and well-structured whole, finely integrated with the surroundings also thanks to the realization of outside furniture works and careful gardening.